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Whole House / Office Lighting Controls

People ask why would you would want or need lighting controls throughout your office or home. I have always used a switch to turn them on and off; and it has worked fine. There are many reasons why we suggest whole house lighting. Convenience, it would be so nice to turn on or off the lights throughout your home or office from one location. Ambience, at times everyone would like the lighting in their home or office to be “not quite so bright”. Security, the lights could come on or off in the room you are entering or leaving without feeling around for a light switch? The “wow factor” you can show your friends how you can control your lighting from different locations. Finally, in today’s world, one of the most important aspects is energy savings. If no one is in a room, the lights would automatically go off. Therefore, energy and money are saved.

Wouldn’t it be great, if you saw a light inside your home still on as you were pulling away, to be able to control it from you car? Think about the times you have gotten home and wished you could turn on the lights in the house from the outside. STF Lighting Design and Build can show you ways to have all of these features in a custom application to satisfy your needs and to fit your budget.

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